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Journey to Wholeness

Journey to Wholeness

I offer 25 years of professional massage experience, and as many of professional psychic reading and healing experience. Educated at Brenneke Massage School by one of the foremost treatment massage therapists in the country, I can help you with injuries and repetitive stress syndromes with muscle-specific deep tissue and myofascial work. I can also address underlying energy patterns with Reiki, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, bioenergetic rebalancing and psychic reading.
These things can be done separately or in combination. My psychic training was in Berkeley from one of the founders of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

  • Deep Tissue
  • Myofascial Release
  • Reiki
  • Psychic Reading
  • Trance Mediumship
  • Chakra Work
  • Tarot Reading
  • Psychic Development Classes
  • Bioenergetic Rebalancing (rescripting)


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