Chakra Balancing/Healing

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Chakra Balancing/Healing

I have been doing chakra reading and healing for over twenty years. My chakra healings include removing attachments and cords and hooks to people, ideas, places, and institutions that no longer serve you or block your access to your own power or well-being. While I send healing energy into your chakras, I read the blocks in them and tell you what thought forms, memories and emotions are blocking them. I also tell you what undiscovered or neglected gifts are in them which you might choose to develop.

I go through each chakra individually, from 7 to 1, and address the concerns with each one, while spending more time on the ones that are most stuck or up right now.

Information about career, relationships, love, family and spirituality are among the topics that can be gleaned from chakra reading. The information about where your blocks arose from in your past is in my mind one of the more important aspects, as it gives you the tools and the freedom to move forward.

I am told that my chakra balancing is at a high degree of skill and includes much more information than the average reading or healing.

And no, all of your chakras aren't shut down or you wouldn't be breathing. And no, you don't have to spend $1500 to get them treated. I have heard these stories from clients and it is very sad that some readers used chakras to scare people. Your chakras are functioning to some extent; we're just optimizing them.

$60/half hour; $100 hour

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