Psychic Development Classes

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Psychic Development for Beginners

Since 2003, I have been assisting men and women in exploring their potential as psychics, intuitives, and healers. Classes are fun and interactive. This is not a passive lecture class but a hands-on "try this and see how it works" kind of class. There is homework and you are expected to both participate in class and practice at home between classes. Psychic development for beginners runs 8 weeks and involves learing protection, grounding, chakra meditation, meet your guides meditation, running energy, and some basics of healing and reading.

In addition, there are one-day workshops which cover much of the same material, only quicker. They can serve as an introduction or stand on their own.

Psychic development class for beginners(includes protection skills) starts October 20th 2015, 7 to 9 pm,and runs for six consecutive Tuesday evenings in Maple Leaf(Lake City Way location) Call or email for details or to sign up!.

Beginning class is appropriate and useful to massage therapists, acupuncturists, talk therapists and lay people who pick up too much of their clients' and friends' energy and need to learn how to not do that. Also for anyone who has always known things they had no way of knowing, or saw ghosts, or simply wished to develop their intuition and learn to communicate on other levels, do healing on friends and family. 

To sign up for class or inquire about future classes, email or call(don't text) me at 206-349-9198. I look forward to hearing from you!

Topics Covered

Clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience

Grounding, centering and shielding

Chakras and cords

Spirit guides


Mary Seay Most excellent class indeed! Enjoyed learning the techniques. Went from "I know where the chakras are supposed to be" to "Hey, there it is!" and "Oh wow" - Will be attending more of your classes in the future Amy, thanks!