Psychic Reading

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Psychic Reading

Trained as a clairvoyant and a medium in San Francisco in the early 80s, psychic reading is my first love. I read chakras, auras, relationships, past-lives. My training continued in Seattle in the 90's and I hope to be continually developing as a reader. I use and study tarot cards but do not rely on them solely.

Chakra Reading and Tarot Reading

Chakra are energy centers in the body. There are seven main ones, starting at the base of your spine and ending with the crown of your head. Our chakras store information from our lives and beliefs in the form of pictures and thoughts. The vibration of these pictures can affect how you feel today and can influence what you draw to you. Some of the reading and healing I do involves looking at these pictures and thoughts and working to shift them energetically if the client gives me permission.

Clients speak highly of my accuracy and healing ability and ability to interpret what I see.

half hour: $75

hour: $125

distance reading(phone sessions)

half hour :$75

hour: $125

Available for Parties and Events

Contact info: 206-349-9198 or

Tarot Reading is another method of arriving at the truth about a client's situation. I have studied tarot extensively and use a Kabbalistic reference system for understanding the totality of the card, not just the surface interpretation or stock interpretation of the picture one it. My clients include Microsoft.

Trance medium readings

Trance medium readings involve me going into a meditative state and letting my guides speak to you and answer questions directly. This can be energizing and exciting, also very accurate as they have a high level of objectivity and can access a lot of information.

half hour: $75, hour: $125

Client references available upon request.