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Licensed Massage Practitioner

 Amy Wolf is a Preferred provider with Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Group Health is easily billed out of network. Auto insurance first party accident claims, Labor and Industries also accepted. We reserve the right to verify coverage before your appointment.

Amy Wolf  has been licensed in the state of Washington and practicing in the greater Seattle area since 1992. She is a member of the ABMP; she attended Brenneke Massage School in Seattle and Cypress Health Insitute in Soquel, CA.

She does muscle-specific injury treatment work, myofascial release, deep tissue, Swedish, Polarity, and Reiki. Her specialty is helping heal chronic pain which has been resistant to other treatment. All services are strictly therapeutic and non-sexual.

Cash and check rates are:  (cash at time of service discount)  


30 min: $45                                                                                 
60 min: $90
90 min: $130 (prices subject to surcharge if Psychic Reading is included. This will be disclosed beforehand and not a surprise)

License #MA00005860

Client Feedback:

"I was very impressed with your knowlege of muscles and techniques, you can massage me anytime you're in the neighborhood."
Neuman Bortnick, Ph.D in Chemistry at Rohm and Hass, Ambler, PA

Great massage and healing I have three herniated disks and Amy has worked on me several times. Amy's work has been better than any other massage therapist I've seen, both for relieving pain and discomfort and, it seems, for healing the cause, not just treating the symptoms. And while she's working on my neck and shoulder, she's also managed to help alleviate my chronic anxiety. Usually during treatments from others I'm alert and worried; with Amy, both during and after she finishes with me, I'm a limp noodle and have a profound sense of relaxation and peace in both body and soul. After my upcoming breast reduction surgery (to deal with the underlying cause of the herniated disks) I plan to see Amy for lymphatic drainage and helping my body/mind/spirit to heal, re-integrate, and adjust to my new shape.

Contact Information

Amy Wolf and Westwood Healing Arts can be reached at (206) 349-9198, or westwoodhealingarts@gmail.com