Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel

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Is treatable! The pain can go away! One or two treatments can reverse the pain and teach you how to treat it yourself!  You don't need to keep suffering!

-Tendonitis is an overuse syndrome, resulting from repetitive motion when a muscle is already too tight.

-Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon, which connects muscle to bone.

-Tendonitis hurts a lot but it is treatable and can feel much better after one session.

-Tendonitis can often be reversed in a few half-hour sessions, provided you are willing to follow-up with self-care.

-The self-care regimen involves icing, some self-massage on the spot of pain, and limiting a few activities.

-The correct massage for tendonitis is cross-fiber friction, which I can show you.

-Less or no pain and increased functionality start immediately.

-You won't know unless you try! Come for one massage and see if it doesn't feel way better right away!



Is also treatable! Especially early on! It can be reversed in many cases!

-Carpal tunnel syndrome is an overuse or repetitive stress syndrome.

-Carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in women than in men because in general they have narrower wrists.

-Carpal tunnel syndrome is the inflammation of the nerve going through the half-circle of bones from the wrist into the hand. It is caused by the chronic tightness of the muscles in the forearm which move the fingers, which in turn inflames  the tendons which connect those muscles to the finger bones, which pass through the carpal tunnel. The inflamed tendons then compress nerves, which is what makes the tingling, numbness and lack of strength occur.

-Treatments such as surgery which address the inflammation at the wrist by cutting fascia instead of loosening the muscles of the forearm are extreme and should only be tried as a last resort after the more conservative treatment of massage and chiropractic are fully explored.

-Most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome can be reversed if caught early on by a course of massage treatment and stretchng. Treatment is optimally twice a week for half an hour, but even once a week will provide some improvement and relief.

-Surgery carries with it the risk of long-term nerve damage and loss of feeling in the hands, as well as requiring time off of work. Massage does not produce nerve damage or require downtime from work.

-As the woman who taught me this treatment protocol said; "If I could work on the Philadelphia String Quartet who played violins ten hours a day and they didn't need surgery, don't ever let your clients go under the knife for this."

-I am happy to answer further questions about carpal tunnel syndrome.

Try one visit and see! Join many happy clients who have avoided surgery and restored functionality to their hands.

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