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Trance Medium Readings

Trance mediumship is the practice of allowing spirit guides to speak directly to a client by using the medium's vocal cords. The benefits of this include a higher, more accurate level of information.  There is also the possibility of ancestors(relatives who have passed) showing up to say something, althoTugh they are quoted rather than using the medium's voice. The guides also channel healing through the medium's hands. Many people receive clarity, emotional release, and resolution of longstanding issues through this method.

Amy Wolf became a trance medium in 1984.  She studied with Michael Symmonds who helped found the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Clients have reported surprise at the accuracy and helpfulness of the information which comes through. Her guides are known for their compassion, directness, and tact. Sessions cover such areas as relationships, health, work, and creativity. Clients usually end up feeling uplifted and refreshed, with a new perspective on their life.

Notes on readings: The guides do not answer questions as vague as "what should I do with my life" or even more vague,"what's going to happen next?". They work well with questions which are a little more focused. This is not because they don't see the whole picture but because they want to empower you to take responsibility for your own life, and to make your own choices.

It is important for the medium to feel and be safe during these sessions. Therefore, while you may disagree with some of the information presented, arguing with the guides is not permitted. If you feel this is an evil technique or somehow dangerous, please just don't come have a session. Neither WHA nor the guides are here to prove anything to you or to be tested or rebuked.

Half hour: $65

Hour: $100

Client Feedback:

The Guidance You Need: I met Amy through a close friend. When I'd heard what she did for my friend, I traveled down from Vancouver, BC to have the chance to have Amy help me contact my spirit guides in Trance Mediation. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity. If you are a seeker, like I am, or in need of healing, or simply in need of answers, like most people at various times in life, then Amy can help you find the guidance you need. I've been to a very good psychic in Vancouver, one that the police sometimes hire for help in tough cases, and that experience was profound, but it did not have the coherence and wisdom that I found strongly presented in trance mediation with Amy. While both experiences were valuable, communicating with Amy's spirit guides was much better for helping me see how to proceed, grow, and heal in some important areas of my life. Highly recommended. I know I'll be back.

Contact Information

Amy Wolf and Westwood Healing Arts can be reached at (206) 349-9198, or westwoodhealingarts@gmail.com