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New Modality: Rescripting Old Beliefs

Rescripting is a new technique that Westwood Healing Arts just started providing this year. It can be done effectively in person or on the phone. Once you understand the technique fully, you can even do it for yourself.

The process is as follows:(and also falls in the category of, it's easier to show you than to explain it, so if you don't get a good sense from this, feel free to schedule a 20 minute session and see if it works for you.)

First, you chose an intent to work towards or a particular block to work on: e.g., "My intent is to find work in an easeful, abundant way which satisfies my creativity." Or, "The issue I want to work on is my difficulty finding work/love/money/sex/trust." Second, the practitioner does the astral equivalent of muscle testing to ascertain what age the beliefs and agreements around this issue started. Then, the client is led through a series of questions and visualizations to rewrite and undo those beliefs and agreements. Several different ages are usually covered in this process, including pre-birth in utero sometimes.

Then, the astral muscle testing is used to discover if there are missing chakra energies which were left in past situations, and the client is led through visualizations to use his or her breath to call those energies back into the present and into their body.

The feeling afterwards is of greater ease, groundedness, positivity, and freedom of action and thought. Old intransigent patterns are often broken at long last. Of course there are layers, and sometimes a follow-up session is found advisable for the beliefs underlying the beliefs which were blocking the client.


Sample hypothetical session:
Client: My intent is to allow myself to make more money.

Practitioner: (after testing) What belief did you have at age 8 regarding money? What happened then?

Client: Oh! That's when my parents got divorced, and my father had all the money and my mother and I were suddenly poor and living off of alimony.

Practitioner: So what was the belief?

Client: The belief was that men have all the money; that single women are poor. No wonder I don't make enough as a single woman!

Practitioner: Visualize a computer screen. Open your documents to "beliefs, age 8". The first line says, "Single women are poor". Do you want to keep that belief? No? Ok, hit delete. Now what would you like to write in instead?.


This is what the beginning of a typical rescripting session looks like. In the interests of not giving away all my techniques, I'll stop there! Please feel free to call with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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