Massage for Growing Pains!

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Growing Pains Are Treatable

It has come to our attention that many massage therapists hesitate to treat children, even for something as simple as growing pains. Rest assured that Westwood Healing Arts is happy to take younger clients, always with Mom or Dad in the room of course. And, your insurance will cover these treatments if you have insurance which we accept. The usual visit is only a half an hour.

Growing pains are thought to be the result of the bones growing more quickly than the muscles, producing overstretching in the leg muscles particularly. Because kids run around so much, they also become tight. Tight and overstretched is a painful combination! Sometimes children have trouble sleeping due to growing pains, and doctors don't have a lot of solutions.

Massage can loosen and lengthen the muscles, as well as freeing them from adhesions to the surrounding fascia. The pain is reduced, it becomes easier to sleep, and you might be able to avoid dosing your children with ibuprofen and aspirin.
We also recommend arnica oil externally or homeopathic arnica internally.

Please let us know if you have any question.